Our Mission



All over the world, there are populations of local farmers and beekeepers at risk of losing their land, culture and way of living. By collaborating fully with the local communities and the people of who harvest this superior honey we can support both the families to a better life and the environment that makes this quality possible.


Bees keep our planet alive

Bees are essential to maintaining a healthy lifecycle of planet earth. Through beekeeping we protect our planet, we protect biodiversity, and the beekeeping communites make a better way of living. Supporting the world’s bees and those who harnest it, we support all farming, our planet and biodiversity.

Edilberto is one of Campo Amor’s beekeepers. He has been in this activity for almost 10 years now. He lives with his family in Campo Amor and they are more or less self sufficient in terms of agricultural farming. He has a dream for the future of his community to be able to focus on honey production fully because he truly believes beekeeping and taking care of the bees is the best way to conserve the local forest.
Campo Amor is one of many beekeepers communities of the Nord Oeste Argentina’s region that supply honey to Coopsol. They look after about 400 hives in the gorgeous Bajo Monte, the regional forest. One specificity of this area is the density of Atamisqui trees. They are in the process of getting the organic official certification for this year and the coming years harvest.
Campo Amor’s community gathers 7 families of beekeepers. They really have a deep sense of community, hospitality and welcome us with open arms each time we are visiting them. Joining Coopsol enabled them to access a wider market and to benefit from administrative assistance and further increase their number of hives and grow their business.