Single-origin Raw, Organic Fair trade honey


Size: 900g (two 450g jars)
Dimensions: 7cm x 14cm x 15cm


This package includes two single-origin honey varietals in an elegant box perfect for gifts as well as your own kitchen. Each set includes one jar each of atamisqui honey and wildflower honey.

Atamisqui honey

Also known as "white flower honey", atamisqui honey has a warm, floral flavor with a taste of fresh butter, almond and vanilla. It has remarkable anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Wildflower honey

Our wildflower honey is sweeter with a taste of wood, walnut and hazelnut. Perfect for everyday use, this pleasing, light flavor pairs well with strong, softer cheese, sweet and savory baked goods, as well as a good cup of tea.


Honey with an exceptionnal taste ! I recommend it a lot !
Sweet honey with a mild and a smooth taste !
Fantastic honey! Smooth and elegant, without being too sweet. Perfect!
Best honey I have tasted, ever!😋